Did you know that meter tampering and energy theft are crimes punishable by law? And, power thieves drive up energy costs for honest customers like you and can create a dangerous situation for the public as well as for our NorthWestern Energy employees. Tampering with an electric or gas meter can lead to serious, and sometimes fatal, injury from shock, fire or explosion.

Help Prevent Energy Theft
With help from our customers, NorthWestern Energy can reduce meter tampering and energy theft.

Here's some things to look for.

Reporting Energy Theft
If you observe any of these activities, you can submit the information anonymously using the form below, or you can call our Energy Theft Hotline toll free at (888) 467-2353. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Give a brief description of the situation and how long it has been going on (if known).

Indicate the type of service.
Electric Gas

Provide the location of the suspected energy theft.


Provide the name of the suspected energy thief if you know it.

Provide your name and phone number. NorthWestern Energy will protect your privacy and will keep this information confidential.

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