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Change is comingNorthWestern Energy is implementing a new electronic payment service to make it fast and easy for you to pay your energy bills.

Starting in November, NorthWestern Energy will begin using our new payment processing system, Paymentus, to process debit and credit card payments and one-time checking or savings account payments.

If you were using Speedpay, this change will require you to re-enroll through Paymentus for recurring credit and debit card payments or pay by text and text messaging. We value the security of your personal data, and therefore did not want to transfer your payment information to a new platform without your approval.

This change will not impact customers who are enrolled in NorthWestern Energy’s EZ Pay (recurring check and savings account) program. 

Other future enhancements will include:

  • Additional self-service payment options
  • An improved payment page on our website
  • Mobile payments on any device
  • Payment reminders and notifications

If you have questions, please contact us at 888-467-2669 in Montana or 800-245-6977 in South Dakota or Nebraska.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the change take place?
NorthWestern Energy will be transitioning from Speedpay to Paymentus during the first week of November, 2020.

Why is NorthWestern making this change?
Paymentus provides a modern, safe, easy to use payment platform. Over the coming months, NorthWestern will release additional features to provide even more options for our customers.

I never used Speedpay. Do I need to do anything?
This change primarily affects customers who were paying their bills with Speedpay, via the internet, text, or voice system. This change does not affect recurring ACH (checking or savings) accounts.

What do I do if I am enrolled in one of Speedpay’s progams such as recurring credit or debit card payments, text notifications or have a future dated payment?
NorthWestern Energy values the security of your personal data and chose not to transfer payment information to Paymentus. Beginning in November, customers can re-enroll at by accessing My Energy Account for recurring credit and debit card payments, text notifications and to future date a payment. Additional information will be available when customers can start re-enrolling with Paymentus.
If you have a recurring credit or debit card payment due in October the payment will be processed with Speedpay. If you receive a text notification during the month of October from Speedpay, you can reply through the month of October to make a payment. For any future dated payments scheduled for October, NorthWestern Energy will receive the scheduled payment.

I need assistance. Who should I call?
Our customer service agents are ready to help. Please contact us at 888-467-2669 in Montana or 800-245-6977 in South Dakota or Nebraska.

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