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NorthWestern Energy Gauges Effects of Clean Power Plan Rule

Aug 03, 2015

Sioux Falls, S.D. – Aug. 3, 2015 – NorthWestern Energy has been working to develop an understanding of the draft EPA Clean Power Plan and its potential effects on NorthWestern’s customers.

“Now, we will carefully study the final rule and will work with others in South Dakota to consider all of our options,” said Bob Rowe, NorthWestern Energy’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “States will have a key role in implementation; we will work with state agencies and others to ensure that the investments our customers have supported in zero emissions resources are recognized.”

NorthWestern will continue to focus on its customers and their desire for safe, reliable, affordable electricity as it works to fully understand the final Clean Power Plan rules. Rowe said the existing investments in clean, renewable generation and energy efficiency should be recognized in the EPA Clean Power Plan.

“Our customers deserve credit for what’s already been accomplished in energy efficiency and the significant amount of renewable energy in our current portfolio,” Rowe said.

In South Dakota, NorthWestern has taken steps to boost the amount of renewable generation in the state. Recently, the company announced its $143 million purchase of the 80-megawatt Beethoven wind project near Tripp, South Dakota. Along with renewable generation, Beethoven will allow NorthWestern to replace higher-cost supply contracts, benefiting customers for years to come.

 Approximately 25 percent of our electricity used to serve South Dakota customers will come from wind generation, once the Beethoven purchase is finalized. Coal generation owned by NorthWestern accounts for about 61 percent of the electricity provided to customers in South Dakota, while natural gas and market purchases account for the remainder.

NorthWestern also recently launched its E-Plus Green energy efficiency program in South Dakota. The program is designed to help residential and commercial customers save money by reducing energy consumption.

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