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NorthWestern Completes Nearly $10 Million Investment in Livingston; Additional Projects Planned

Dec 06, 2017

Butte, Mont. – Dec. 6, 2017 – NorthWestern Energy, working with the Park Electric Cooperative and City of Livingston, has finished a nearly $10 million investment in Livingston that will significantly improve the reliability of electric service in the area.

Customers of NorthWestern and Park Electric, in an area stretching from near Bozeman to Big Timber and from Clyde Park to Emigrant, will benefit from the new substation in Livingston that features the latest in equipment and automation. The substation is located along Highway 10 West, just west of the intersection with Park Street.

“This project is an important system upgrade to serve our customers in the Livingston Aarea”, said Mike Cashell, vice Ppresident – Transmission.  “The existing substation that served the city was at the end of its useful life and the city has grown up around it over the years. It was a collaborative effort between NorthWestern, Park Electric Co-op, the City of Livingston and area businesses and landowners.”

Substations are a vital cog in the energy grid. They take electricity from high-voltage transmission lines and scale it down in voltage and put it on smaller distribution lines for use in homes and businesses. The Livingston project combines the functions of two NorthWestern substations and one Park Electric substation. Upgrades to the substation controls will result in fewer and shorter power outages.

NorthWestern started the project in September 2016 and recently completed the work. Additional planned projects will bolster the overall electric grid in the Livingston area, while another will improve the reliability of service to the Livingston Healthcare facility.

NorthWestern invests several hundred million dollars across its service territory each year to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy service to our customers. We appreciate the patience and support of our Livingston-area customers as we work to complete these projects.

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