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Snow safety: NorthWestern Energy asks customers to clear utility meters of snow and ice and check outside furnace vents

Jan 04, 2019

South Dakota - Jan. 4, 2019 Due to the recent accumulation of snow in the NorthWestern Energy South Dakota service territory, utility officials encourage customers to check their business’ and homes’ natural gas and electric meters to ensure that the meters are not covered by snow or ice.

“Our northern South Dakota service territory is getting some relief from the weather right now, and we want customers to be aware of how accumulation around meters could affect the proper operation of the equipment,” said Mike Williams – North Division Operations Manager. “Natural gas meters require open air in order to operate properly and safely, so when you clear snow from your property also remember to carefully clean snow and ice from your natural gas meter, and keep electric and gas meters free of ice build-up.”

NorthWestern Energy asks customers to clear a path to the meters in the event a first responder needs emergency access to shutoff points.

Customers should also inspect their furnace’s exhaust venting to make sure that it is clear of ice build-up and is not covered by snow. An outside vent that is blocked can prevent the natural flow of deadly carbon monoxide out of homes and other buildings.

Use caution around electric power lines when removing snow from roofs or knocking ice off eaves.

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