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The E+ Renewable Energy Program encourages the development of renewable energy resource projects that use environmentally friendly or green technology to generate electricity.

Review the many resources provided to help you make informed decisions on your green energy projects. Because the Guides contain a number of pictures, they may take a minute or two to download. 

The Montana Consumer Guide to Small Wind Generation Systems
The Montana Consumer Guide to Grid-Interactive Solar PV Systems
The Montana Consumer Guide to Micro-Hydro Systems
The Montana Consumer Guide to Solar Heating Systems

Qualified Installers for Solar PV and Small Wind Generation

Our Qualified Installers List contains renewable energy companies that meet our professional, safety and independent contractor standards for renewable generation installations.

If you are a contractor or consultant/designer or engineer/architect and would like to become a Qualified Solar PV or Small Wind Installer, click here  to learn about qualifications and training opportunities.

Net Metering

If you decide to install a photovoltaic system at your business, you may want to review our net metering agreement.

Already a net metered customer?

If you are a net metered customer and want to make a change to your 12-month Billing Period Date, use this form. 12-Month Billing Period Change Form
Note: This is a one-time option to change your billing period during the time that you have a net metered agreement with NorthWestern.

Do you have questions about the operation of your existing solar photovoltaic system? Review The Montana Solar Electric System Owner's Manual to help you learn more about the safe and productive operation of your solar electric system. Because the Manual contains a number of pictures, it may take a minute or two to download

Are you a Non-profit or Government Agency?

The E+ Renewable Energy Program provides custom incentives for projects that benefit organizations and communities for non-profit or government facilities. Projects receiving these funds often provide civic value including education and visible representation of renewable energy technologies to a broad audience. Application requirements can be found in Custom Incentive for Broad Benefit Systems

E+ Green

Montanans are interested in new renewable energy resources to meet their energy needs. Another option is available to our Montana electric customers interested in renewable or "Green" power.

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