Clean Energy at Work

We're here to help you “green up” your electricity use.

Renewable Energy

NorthWestern Energy’s electric supply mix for our Montana customers includes more than 60% clean energy from carbon-free hydro, wind, and some solar generation. We also offer Montana business customers ways to “green up” their electricity usage and provide resources for those who are interested in private generation.

Did you know the “greenest” kilowatt hour is the one that is never generated?

That’s why energy efficiency is an important first step in a creating a “greener” energy footprint! We offer a FREE E+ Energy Appraisal that focuses on identifying electric energy efficiency opportunities for small commercial customers. Find out if your business qualifies!

Want to do more to “green up” your electricity usage?

NorthWestern Energy’s E+ Green program gives our Montana electric customers the option to reduce your electricity-based carbon footprint while supporting the development of new renewable generation – without installing anything or making a big investment!

Does your business qualify for renewable incentives?

Each year a limited amount of Universal System Benefits (USB) funding is available for renewable energy installations on non-profit or government/public buildings. The projects receiving E+ Renewable Energy funding must provide civic value including education and visible representation of renewable energy technologies to a broad audience.

Interested in installing private generation at work?

We know there can be many questions and decisions along the way as you consider whether a renewable energy system makes sense for your home. We’ve gathered these resources to help you make informed decisions on your renewable energy project.