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July 2024

South Dakota/Nebraska

How to read your bill | Natural gas safety | Louie and Sniffy | E-bill | Italian pasta salad recipe

Bright Ideas to Save: Cool with your bathroom fan!

When you shower or take a bath, use the bathroom fan to remove heat and humidity from your home.

Online outage map

Our online outage map allows customers to see the most up-to-date outage information. You can even sign up for text alert updates! Visit to view the outage map.

June 2024


Wildfire Mitigation Efforts | National Volunteer Week | Hydro Safety | Zucchini and Tomato Casserole

South Dakota/Nebraska

National Volunteer Week | Renewable Natural Gas | Vehicle Safety | Zucchini and Tomato Casserole

South Dakota Customer Notice

NorthWestern Energy submitted an application for a regulatory rate review of our natural gas rates.

Nebraska Customer Notice

NorthWestern Energy submitted an application for a regulatory rate review of our natural gas rates.

Call 811 before inspecting or clearing sewer lines

In rare cases, our small-diameter gas pipeline may have inadvertently crossed through a sewer pipe. If a plumber unknowingly strikes a gas line while cutting through a sewer blockage, this could cause a dangerous release of natural gas. That’s why it’s important to call 811 before any sewer work, even if it doesn’t involve digging.

May 2024

Bright Ideas to Save: Open windows

Opening windows creates a cross breeze, allowing you to naturally cool your home without turning on your air conditioner. This is an ideal tactic in spring when temperatures are mild.

Call before you dig

Always call 811 before any digging project. If you hit a gas line, call 911 immediately. Even minor damage to a pipeline can result in future leaks, so never bury a damaged line.

April 2024

Montana/South Dakota/Nebraska

Our generation portfolio | Net Zero Vision Electric Vehicles | Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake Recipe

Bright Ideas to Save

Arbor Day is April 26. Plant a tree for Arbor Day! Planting trees has many benefits, including keeping your home cooler by providing shade in the summer and breaking cold winds to lower your heating costs in the winter.

Notice: Responsibility of buried gas lines

The maintenance of buried gas piping downstream of the gas meter to gas-fired appliances or other structures on the property is the responsibility of the home/property owner or current occupant.

NorthWestern Energy is required to inform customers with privately owned natural gas or propane service lines of their responsibility to inspect and maintain their piping (Code of Federal Regulations 49 CFR 192.16). Customers should have the pipes periodically inspected for leaks, and metallic pipes should also be inspected for corrosion by qualified professionals, such as your local plumber.

Any unsafe conditions should be repaired immediately or the flow of gas should be shut off.

Considering adding solar panels to your home?

Adding solar to your home is a big financial decision. Make sure you do your homework before you enter into a contract with a solar installer. Recently, we’ve seen a rise in aggressive and confusing marketing tactics.

March 2024

South Dakota/Nebraska

Annual pipeline inspections | Pipeline safety | Excess Gas Flow Valve Notice | Cheesecake Recipe

Bright Ideas to Save

Check your hot water heater. Save $30-$60 a year by setting your hot water heater to 120⁰F, compared to 140⁰F. Plus, water heated to 140⁰F poses a scalding hazard.

Call Before You Dig

No project is too small. If it requires a shovel, call 811 or visit at least two full business days before you begin your project.

February 2024

South Dakota/Nebraska

Investing in reliability and resiliency | Home solar information | Sausage Manicotti Recipe

Bright Ideas to Save

Turn back your thermostat. Save as much as 10% a year on heating and cooling by simply turning back your thermostat 7°-10°F for 8 hours a day from its normal setting.

Clean and Clear

Remember to clear your natural gas meter of snow and ice, and shovel a pathway to your meter after each snowfall.

Visit to learn more.

January 2024

Montana/South Dakota/Nebraska

Energy efficiency tips | Keep gas meter clear | Stay safe during a power outage | Enchilada Recipe

Customer Notice for South Dakota Electric Customers

The South Dakota Public Utility Commission approved NorthWestern Energy’s settlement with commission staff allowing an increase in electric rates.

Protect your family from CO poisoning

The New Year marks the perfect time to change out the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Keeping fresh batteries in your detectors is important to ensure they are working properly.

Bright Ideas to Save

Save up to $200 a year by using smart power strips. Many electronics continue to draw power even when they are switched off. Use a smart power strip and save!

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