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We offer several convenient billing and payments options.

Billing & Payment

It's good to have options. Choose the best payment and billing option that works for you.

Payment Options

We offer several convenient ways to pay your bill. Choose the option that is best for you.

Billing Options

Go paperless with E-bill or sign up for budget billing. Find out why both may be great options for you.

Understanding Your Bill

We want to make sure it's easy to understand your bill.

Help Your Neighbor

NorthWestern Energy's Gift of Energy Certificates are a great way to help family, friends, colleagues, or neighbors who may be struggling to pay their energy bill, and are available year round.

Rates and Tariffs

View the tariffs and rate schedules for your area.

Ways to Save

We offer many free and easy ways to help you manage your energy consumption. Start saving and energy today.