Wildfire Safety

At NorthWestern Energy, preparing for wildfire is a year-round effort.

Our emergency line is available 24 hours a day.

Montana: 888-467-2669  |   South Dakota/Nebraska: 800-245-6977   |   In case of a life-threatening emergency, dial 911.

Are you ready for wildfires?

NorthWestern Energy is ready for wildfire season – are you?

Public Safety Power Shutoffs

If extreme weather conditions threaten our ability to safely operate the electrical grid, we may turn off power to help protect public safety.

Update Your Contact Information

Be sure your contact information is up to date. Login to My Energy Account or call us at 888-467-2669.

Preventing wildfires is a group effort

A tree trimming crew works on a tree near a power line

Preventing wildfires is a group effort

With humans causing more than 85% of wildfires, it’s more important than ever to help prevent wildfires from starting. At NorthWestern Energy, our Vegetation Management team works year-round to clear any trees and bushes that could contact our power lines, start fires, and cause outages. Our Wildfire Mitigation team, along with emergency response agencies, invests in proactive strategies to protect our system, our customers, and our favorite playground: Montana’s forests.

Wildfire Mitigation

A transmission line cuts through a right of way in a forest.

Wildfire Mitigation

Due to the growing threat of catastrophic wildfires, NorthWestern Energy is exploring new ways to protect our customers and communities from wildfires. Our Wildfire Mitigation Plan represents our commitment to protecting our customers and the communities in Montana from this growing threat.