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E+ Home EnergyCheck

Our new E+ Home EnergyCheck is a safe, convenient and fun way to have your home’s energy efficiency checked – virtually! A local, trusted energy specialist will complete your home’s assessment with you over your smartphone or tablet.

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Personalized tips to help improve your home's energy efficiency, both during the E+ Home EnergyCheck, in a customized, detailed report, and through a follow-up session.



Free products delivered to your home that could help reduce your energy use if the energy specialist finds areas where they’d be useful.


How the Home EnergyCheck Works

A close up photo of a hand adjusting a smart thermostat.

How the Home EnergyCheck Works

For more details on what to expect during your Home EnergyCheck check out this video.

Who is Eligible?

  • Residential natural gas or electric space- or water-heating customers
  • Homes that are at least five years old
  • Homes that have not received an E+ Audit in the past 10 years

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This service is only available to residential natural gas or electric space-or water-heating customers in Montana.

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The information you provide will only be used for the E+ Home EnergyCheck program. All contact information is kept private.

If we find that your home has been audited in the past 10 years, we'll send you a copy of the previous audit report so that you have the recommendations for action.

There are a limited number of EnergyChecks available, and other qualifications may apply.

Funding Source

Funding for the E+ Home EnergyCheck is provided through NorthWestern Energy's Universal System Benefits (USB) activities.