NorthWestern Energy Bright Stories
River Conservation
Some of the first river conservation and habitat management projects were pioneered right here, on the dams along Montana’s River. Today, NorthWestern Energy and Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks, along with other state organizations and local businesses are partnering to continue that important stewardship and protect the state’s fisheries into the future.
River Recreation
The Madison River is a world-famous fishing ground. Over the past decade, NorthWestern Energy has supported more than a hundred projects to help preserve the character of the 140-mile destination, and the surrounding areas, while providing recreational opportunities to more anglers than ever.
Hydro: Power Generations
NorthWestern Energy inherited the care of hydroelectric facilities that have powered the state of Montana for more than a hundred years. The upkeep and upgrade of these historic facilities will ensure future generations can continue to build on this proud tradition for a hundred more.
Bozeman Solar Pilot
Making smarter decisions about renewable energy requires knowledge. In addition to being tied to NorthWestern Energy’s power grid, the Bozeman Solar Pilot plays a key role in renewable education programs and provides valuable data for the city of Bozeman’s sustainability action plan.
Advantage South Dakota
Huron, S.D. is growing its economy through diversity. Dakota Provisions, a turkey processing plant in Huron, has grown from about 300 employees when it opened in 2005 to about 1,200 employees today. More than half of those employees are refugees from Burma and Thailand. NorthWestern Energy is proud to partner with Advantage South Dakota to help Dakota Provisions and other companies recruit and train its workforce and to help new residents settle into life in South Dakota.

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You can go your whole life flipping on light switches not knowing where the power comes from. But with the help of NorthWestern Energy, ExplorationWorks is taking the mystery out of electricity. The museum developed a traveling exhibit that takes a fun, hands-on approach to educating kids and adults on how homes and businesses are powered. Explore the exhibit at the Families First Children’s Museum in Missoula through December 31.
O'Dell Creek
The O'Dell Creek restoration and preservation project has been a long-time initiative of area ranchers. With the financial support of NorthWestern Energy, the creek now delivers cleaner, colder water into the Madison River and provides important wetlands for birds and fish.
The Archie Bray Foundation
The Bray is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, but with the help of NorthWestern Energy, the artists have found ways to keep the facility running more energy efficiently year round.
Learn More
The renewable installation incentive and energy audit, like those at The Bray, are funded through the Universal System Benefits Charge collected from all Montana electric customers.
Reach Inc.
Reach Inc. is an important organization not only to its more than 100 clients but also to the residents and businesses of Gallatin Valley. From financial support to helping Reach Inc. save money on energy expenses, NorthWestern Energy is proud to partner with this wonderful organization.
Save energy and money with these Bright Ideas
Here are some simple ideas that you can do to help create a bright future:
Participate in Saving
Our E+ programs provide ways for residents and businesses to reduce their energy use and seize the savings.
Track Your Usage
Knowledge is power! See where in your home you use energy the most and where you could be saving. Bonus, you can save time by paying your bill here, too.
Stay Safe
Being careful and knowledgable around energy and gas sources will reduce the risk of accidents - which is a savings for all of us.
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