E+ Green

For Montana Customers
A pie chart showing the Montana 2022 electric generation portfolio.

NorthWestern Energy’s Montana electricity supply mix includes 33% carbon-free hydro and about  24% renewable energy generation. 

The E+ Green program gives our Montana electric customers a way to reduce their electricity-based carbon footprint and support the development of new renewable generation.

$1.25 extra a month on your electric bill adds 100 kilowatt-hours blocks of renewable benefits of wind, solar and biomass from Montana, the Pacific Northwest and Wyoming. 

For example, an average NorthWestern Energy residential electric customer in Montana uses about 750 kWh a month. If an average customer wants to add 40% more carbon-free electricity, they would buy 3 blocks of E+ Green for an extra $3.75 a month.

If an average customer wants to add 100% renewable resources, they would buy 8 blocks for an additional $10 a month.

First, enter your average monthly electricity usage below. You can find your monthly usage in My Energy Account. Next, decide what percentage of your usage you want to make greener. The calculator will show you how much the E+ Green program will add to your monthly bill.

Enter your average montly electric usage in kilowatt hours


and choose percentage


Based on the energy usage and percentage you entered

Unsure as to how much you want to add, please call us at 888-467-2669 and ask about E+ Green!

Your E+ Green charges will be added to your NorthWestern Energy bill and you may change the amount you buy at any time. And unlike other clean energy providers, your account information stays right here with NorthWestern Energy.

Note: The E+ Green Program is offered to Montana electric customers as a regulated program as required by Montana law.

NorthWestern Energy supports the E+ Green program with renewable energy certificates (REC) purchased from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation www.b-e-f.org from resources in the Northwest or WY.