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small brandlCorporate Governance

Our Board of Directors, which is led by an independent chair, oversees the business of the company. It establishes overall policies and standards for us and reviews the performance of our management. The Board operates pursuant to a set of written Corporate Governance Guidelines that set forth the company’s overall corporate governance philosophy and the governance policies and practices that the company has established to assist in governing the company and its affiliates. Various other policies and practices also set the standard for our performance and operations:


Other Key Governance Documents

Independent Board Chair

  • Dana J. Dykhouse

Audit Committee Members

  • Linda G. Sullivan, Chair
  • Jan R. Horsfall
  • Jeffrey W. Yingling

Nominating and Governance Committee Members

  •  Jeffrey W. Yingling, Chair
  • Anthony T. Clark
  • Britt E. Ide

Human Resources Committee Members

  • Mahvash Yazdi, Chair
  • Anthony T. Clark
  • Britt E. Ide

Safety, Environmental, Technology and Operations Committee Members

  • Jan R. Horsfall, Chair
  • Linda G. Sullivan
  • Mahvash Yazdi


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