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At NorthWestern Energy we know that the demand for energy continues to increase. To ensure that we meet the demand for energy as efficiently and effectively as possible NorthWestern Energy offers a variety of rebates and incentives to help improve the energy efficiency of your business.

NorthWestern recognizes that the primary focus of a business is to provide products and services to customers, not on energy management.  That’s why we’ve entered into contracts with the following organizations to help customers move forward with cost-effective energy efficiency improvements.  These firms can help determine if a project qualifies for any of the Efficiency Plus (E+) programs.

E+ Summary >

Natural Gas rebates are available for existing businesses.
      Commercial Natural Gas >

Electric and lighting rebates are available for new and existing businesses.
      Commercial Electric Rebates  >
      Commercial Lighting Rebates >

Custom incentives are available for electric and natural gas projects in qualifying new and existing businesses.
      Business Partners Program >

Irrigation Program
      Custom Irrigation Incentive >
      Informational Brochure for Irrigators >

Green Motor Rewind Program
     Green Motor Rewind Instant Rebate   >
     Green Motor Rewind Flyer >

Questions? Please contact us at E+Programs

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