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In Montana, several state and federal agencies, along with local utilities and a non-profit organization have funds available to help individuals pay their energy bills.  Learn More.  For energy assistance in Montana customers are encouraged to review additional information provided by the State of Montana.

  • Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) 
    The Low Income Energy Assistance Program or LIEAP is a federally funded program available to persons who may not otherwise be able to afford to heat their homes or apartments during the winter.  To find out more about the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, click here.
  • NorthWestern Energy Discount
    If you qualify for LIEAP, you automatically receive the following NorthWestern Energy discounts. The year-round discount begins when you sign up and qualify for LIEAP.  
    • Electric Service — Income-qualified customers will receive a 25% discount on their NorthWestern Energy electric bill from November through April and May through October the discount will be 15%.
    • Gas Service — Income-qualified customers will receive a 30% discount on their NorthWestern Energy gas bill from November through April.
  • Free Weatherization Program 
    You may also be eligible to have your home weatherized at no cost to you whether you own your home or rent from a landlord.  This service is provided by NorthWestern Energy in partnership with the State of Montana’s weatherization program. To find out more about the weatherization program and how to apply, click here. 
  • Energy Share 
    If you are facing an energy emergency, you may qualify for one-time assistance — most often in the form of help with a heating bill, but occasionally covering heating equipment repairs or other special energy needs — from Energy Share of Montana. Energy Share is funded partially through Universal System Benefit (USB) funds, which can be used for those energy consumer households and families with incomes at or below industry-recognized levels that qualify those consumers for low-income energy-related assistance. In addition, Energy Share has other funds available for people no matter what their income, as long as a person is facing a true energy emergency. Every Energy Share application is considered on an individual basis. To find out more about Energy Share and how to apply, click here.
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