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If your business is an electric customer of NorthWestern Energy in Montana, it may qualify for a FREE Efficiency Plus (E+) Energy Appraisal.  Every dollar saved in energy adds to your bottom line. 

A team of energy specialists come to your business to evaluate your energy uses and to provide custom recommendations as to how energy costs can be better managed.

If you have an electric water heater, this service may also include:

·         Water heater wrap
·         Low-flow shower head
·         Low-flow faucet aerators
·         Pipe wrap insulation on the first ten feet of hot water pipe leaving the water heater

We’ll send you a report to follow up.  The report:

·         Breaks out historical electricity usage by end-use
·         Provides recommendations on cost-effective measures
·         Offers tips on energy-efficient practices and appliance maintenance as identified in your facility.

We’ll also provide you with information about E+ rebates or custom incentives  that may be available to you and about resources to help you get the project completed.

Eligibility: Qualifications may apply but most businesses served with NorthWestern Energy electricity are eligible for this free service.

How to Sign Up: Call the NorthWestern Energy E+ Hotline at 800-823-5995.

Funding Source:  Funding for the E+ Energy Appraisal is provided through NorthWestern Energy's Universal System Benefits (USB) activities. 

Check out Information about E+ Programs for businesses and homes is available here. 


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